4 Reasons to Avoid Direct Sales


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The direct sales industry has made quite a name for itself, hasn’t it? Pushy & spammy. A pyramid scheme. Hmm. Here are a few reasons to avoid direct sales… Those aren’t listed. You might be surprised about what is, though.

Being a part of a direct sales company means going into business for yourself.

If you are too afraid of going into business for yourself, avoid direct sales; it might not be for you. You are an entrepreneur when you decide to start a journey with a direct sales company. The main difference between direct sales & a “traditional” business is that you invested in someone else’s proven business plan & have a good amount of the “startup” work done for you! You don’t have to invest in & test products to be released or any of that jazz! You have built-in guidance on how to proceed & what you’re selling.

Direct sales is a catalyst for self-growth.

If you’d rather stay stagnant in your “old” ways, avoid direct sales; it might not be for you. When you are in direct sales, your success depends on YOU constantly learning & absorbing new information. You have to focus on your mindset to make sure you’re being positive & inviting FORWARD momentum.

Your RELATIONSHIPS need to be at the forefront & you need to hone in on how to be genuine & a good friend. You have to learn to help others & be a good leader — & to ASK for help when you need it (or even seek it out yourself)! You cannot “do” direct sales successfully if you are not willing to grow… It is SUCH a boost to CONFIDENCE when you reach out & make the most of the experience!

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Direct sales is an opportunity to help others.

If you aren’t one to want to help others along your way, avoid direct sales; it might not be for you. Between offering a product you love that will meet a need of other people to being able to help others begin a business such as yours, direct sales is built on HELPING OTHERS. If you go into direct sales looking at what YOU will get out of everything, your success will not be nearly as great. This is NOT a pyramid scheme; those are illegal & leave the people on the bottom with NOTHING. Direct sales is about helping others fill a need & EVERYONE gets something out of it.

Direct sales is its own community.

If you don’t like a sense of “belonging,” avoid direct sales; it might not be for you. When direct sales is done right, you are also joining a unique community when you begin your business. In many cases, you’re joining a FAMILY. You’re part of a group of people who likely have similar goals & interests. Friendships are bound to form when people are going in the same direction with the same purpose. There is something so special about rallying together with like-minded people with the sole purpose of building each other up! It’s quite amazing.

I’m not one to tell anyone how to live their life.

BUT, direct sales IS kind of amazing — if you’re willing to put forth the effort to treat it like a business, LEARN along the way, help others, & be a part of a greater community of people. In fact, it is QUITE rewarding if you’re willing to try all four of the above. If you’re NOT willing to do these things, avoid direct sales! But, you’re the one who is missing out. 😉

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If you don’t want to miss out & actually avoid direct sales, there are a couple of things you can do.

Of course, if you’re seeking a direct sales opportunity that is FOR YOU, I encourage you to do your homework to make sure you’ll get out of it everything you’re willing to put in. If partnering with ME (Reta Jayne) & Sweet Minerals might be the right path for YOU, I would LOVE to chat. No pressure or ickiness. Promise. Just your questions answered to the best of my abilities. (I only want people in my Sweet Family who WANT to be in my Sweet Family, y’know? It helps NO ONE if I lay the pressure on!)

And, if you simply want to be a part of a community of empowering, uplifting women, you are invited to join us in the Calculated Chaos Community. There is always room for one more, whether you’re in direct sales or not. 😉

If you can think of other reasons not listed here, feel free to comment below. If you find value in what I am sharing, please pass it along to your friends by sharing this post.

Until next time… <3

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