8 Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Audience


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Growing a business can be quite the endeavor. But it is so incredibly rewarding! You probably already know that if you are here reading this. If you aren’t already realizing the benefits of your efforts, you can probably envision the potential just waiting to be unharnessed, right? So, when you choose to grow your Facebook page audience, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed. Here are a few quick things to do to grow your following.

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Keep in mind, however, even doing these, you’ll need to be patient. It takes time to build an audience! Put in the effort & stay excited! You will reap the rewards.

1). Go to your personal Facebook profile & change your work history.

Make sure that portion is PUBLIC & that you work at [your Facebook business page]. By doing this, your workplace is clickable from anyone who wonders what you do & is looking at your personal profile.

2). Include on your Facebook personal profile that you manage your Facebook page.

Make it visible on your About section so it is clickable there too. Knowledge is power. Grow your Facebook page audience when more people know about it — & have access to it.

3). On your Facebook business page, in your about section, use keywords that are searchable by Google.

Facebook business pages CAN be picked up by search engines! So, if you have a brick & mortar portion to your business, even saying something as simple as “I am located in {city}, but I serve {city}, {city}, {city}, {city}, {city}, {city}, & {city}!” somewhere in your copy (instead of “surrounding areas” or “tri-state area” or generic terms like that), can help with searchability.

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4). Research basic Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Since your Facebook business page IS searchable, you can show up in search results if you do it right. Take the previous suggestion a step further & find other ways to optimize how you can show up in the search results of your target audience.

5). Include your Facebook page’s URL in your email signatures.

This is pretty self-explanatory. Every time you send an email, you should have links in the signature or footer area to all the other places you can be found or offers that you have available. Make sure your Facebook business page is included there.

6). Talk about things that people ask you questions about frequently.

Then, when others ask you the same questions, you can send them the URL to your page to grab the answers.

7). STAY CONSISTENT to grow your Facebook page audience!

Go LIVE & post regularly. (Facebook definitely favors live video the most.) The more you are posting, the more Facebook itself will push your stuff into the feeds of people who are following you.

8). Ask open ended questions in your videos & posts & have CLEAR calls to action at the end of each.

Get people to interact & comment with you (preferably without outright SAYING the word “comment,” as it’s a word Facebook doesn’t like & sees as “manipulating” your audience somehow). The more people interact with you, the more Facebook will think what you offer is of value — & the more they’ll push your content, in general, into people’s feeds.

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PLUS, as an added bonus, when people interact with your page, depending on their privacy settings, their interactions can show up in THEIR friends’ feeds even if their friends haven’t liked or followed your Facebook page! So, you gain even MORE exposure & potential followers.

I am sure there are plenty of other things you can do, but this is what comes to mind for me. What would you add to grow your Facebook page audience? Put your suggestions in the comments! Have any questions? Post those too! And, if you are curious about Facebook GROUPS, read THIS.

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