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What is there to know about Confidence & Chaos — & why should you care?

Well, are you looking to inspire confidence in yourself?

Maybe life is proving to be a little more chaotic than you’d prefer?

Could it be that you’re battling depression on & off (even a little more on than off)?

You’re feeling a bit insecure or like you want to take better care of yourself?

Is life feeling less than fulfilling? You’re struggling to find your place, your purpose in this world?

OR, perhaps you are simply searching for someone who is experiencing or has experienced some of the same things as you?

Do any of those sound like YOU?

If so, you’re totally in the right place!

The main thing to know about Confidence & Chaos is that Reta Jayne is passionate about all things to inspire confidence & empowerment in women.

The goal is to help you realize your own unique BEAUTY in yourself & others.

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Meet Reta Jayne

To meet Reta Jayne, the gal behind this entire corner of the Web, is to meet an emotionally intense, opinionated, (overly?) analytical woman. She’s full of all kinds of contradictions, yet, somehow, it works.

She’s a self-proclaimed domestic disgrace — yet she’s a homemaker.

She is black AND white (the term is mulatto, for those who aren’t familiar with it) — & she’s proud of it & thinks it lends a sometimes-unique perspective towards the world.

She runs a skincare & makeup business, yet is not a total “glam girl” & doesn’t even wear makeup every single day.

Part of what makes this corner of the Web different is that Reta Jayne IS different.

She is not a makeup artist or fashionista. She is not an extreme extrovert. She doesn’t live for the camera or social gatherings. But, she is passionate about shedding light on mental health topics & publicly sharing her own story in order to help others.

She is a (barely still) thirty-something wife & mother who would prefer to be home more days than not. Her confidence is sometimes lacking & she has bipolar disorder. (Depression is REAL, y’all. Just sayin’.) She spends many days hanging out in her pajamas.

Confidence & Chaos was founded on a history of depression & some serious chaos.

The blog is a culmination of Reta Jayne’s realization that confidence & chaos CAN coexist — & that it is an ongoing process of resilience & acceptance.

We can inspire confidence while learning to also embrace life’s chaos!

Even better, let’s do all of this while empowering ourselves AND others.

This little corner of the Web is designed to be a haven for self-improvement, goal-setting, & making sense of life’s chaos. Above all, the thing to know about Confidence & Chaos is that we inspire confidence here. Through conversations about mental health, self-care, & faith, we will boost confidence & make sense of our chaos together.

Stay in touch.

Subscribe to emails from & about Confidence & Chaos, comment anywhere on the blog with questions & comments, or private message Reta Jayne. Let’s get to know each other.

Sharing is appreciated & encouraged! Thank you for visiting!

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  • I promise to comply with the rules and regulations set up by this site!!! I see this as a way to help myself become a better person and hopefully help someone else along the way.

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