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Blogging to build your business isn’t something new at all. However, taking the leap to blogging in direct sales as an entrepreneur can sometimes present a unique set of challenges.

This article isn’t going to be quite what you think, though. Most people who stumble across this article (unless you’re a friend or family member of the author! LOL!) will be those who happened across it to find tips on blogging in direct sales without breaking their direct sales company’s policies & procedures.

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I used to be in business with a company who had a massive book of policies & procedures.

We were bound to follow all of it. Our inventory had to be listed at their dictated prices, always. We could never use their name unless it was in a SMALL list of approved ways. Pretty much ALL THE TIME, we had to tip toe around!

Even THINKING of blogging in direct sales to boost my business when I was associated with that company was a daunting endeavor. So I didn’t. And, frankly, I am not going take on that negative tone here.

Instead of focusing on what CAN’T happen, how about focusing on what CAN happen?

Blogging in direct sales as part of your business has SO MUCH appeal! Blogging & business, naturally, go hand-in-hand. Any entrepreneurial-minded person can see the potential in regard to blogging! The issue can sometimes be meshing a direct sales company’s policies & procedures with all the opportunity out there in the blogging world.

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What if you didn’t have to worry about policies & procedures as you start blogging in direct sales?

I kid you not! A company exists that does NOT bog you down with a massive STACK of pages dictating what you can & cannot do as an entrepreneur who happens to be partnered with them!

It’s a company that has LESS THAN TWO PAGES of policies & procedures to follow. The founders of this company work it every day with its representatives & truly view it as a PARTNERSHIP.

Yes! I am talking about Sweet Minerals. Of course, I am!

Sweet Minerals educators are EMPOWERED to really think like entrepreneurs!

We get to brainstorm new, creative ways to work our businesses. When we come up with something that might work for us, there is nothing from the company tying our hands behind our backs. There is nothing hidden in some huge manual somewhere that says we have to be like everyone else & market & share in the same boring ways.

This is a HUGE part of why I partnered with Sweet Minerals!

When it comes to blogging in direct sales, Sweet Minerals educators, have SO MUCH FREEDOM.

We get to let our excitement lead our content on our blogs. There is no bogging down our sincerity by having to break through red tape or overly edit HOW or WHAT we say. You get US. You get authenticity.

Sweet Mineral educators are NOT boxed into HAVING to go the traditional in-person party route.

We can utilize our blogs, social media channels, email lists, & landing pages to pull in fresh eyes if “parties” are not our thing. Not only that, we get a unique ability to REALLY be able to build community. When we choose a blogging niche that is well-thought-out, people can relate to the content. They’ll want to visit again to see what they can learn or how they can be entertained!

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Now, I am not saying other direct sellers cannot successfully blog to build their businesses. Not at all! BUT, there is NO denying that Sweet Minerals educators enjoy a certain amount of freedom that many others simply do not. Just add that to the LONG list of fabulous things about Sweet Minerals! 😉

If you want to start a blog, I can help you HERE. If you want to become a Sweet Confidence Partner & partner with Reta Jayne & Sweet MineralsTHIS is where to sign up.

In the meantime, no matter where you are in the world of blogging or direct sales, please accept this invitation to join us over in the Calculated Chaos Community. We are where women gather to build confidence & empower themselves & others. We would love for you to join us!

Reta Jayne

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