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Blogging. It used to be that it was nothing more than someone’s glorified online diary. Knowledge of at least some coding was required. Plus, enough creativity was a MUST to figure out how you wanted your corner of the InterWebs to look. All of this was on top of what you wanted it to actually say.

Now, blogging is so much more than that.

Now, of course, you’ll still stumble across those glorified online diaries. In fact, this blog serves, partially, as exactly that, if I am completely honest. However, these days, blogging can have so many more purposes than merely getting thoughts out of one’s head & onto the screen.

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Blogging can be a way to promote a specific company.

Through how-to articles on a specific company’s products, a blog can be a great way to add a different layer of promotion. It’s because of search engine optimization. Every time someone goes to Google or Bing or whatever, & types in a phrase, what comes up?

Yep. Up pops, nine times out of ten, someone’s blog article with key words associated with whatever was typed into that search engine! So, companies, big & small, will leverage search engine optimization (SEO) on their blogs to tap into what consumers are searching for as an additional way to draw people in.

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Blogging can be a way to promote a specific type of product.

Just the same as a company can use blogging to promote their own products, an individual or other small business can tap into affiliate programs to create an income stream by promoting or talking about items (or companies) of their choosing.

There are a multitude of beauty bloggers out there, as one example. They promote various types of cosmetic lines or hair care products & blog about how to use them or the benefits of them. Embedded into those blog articles are affiliate links which track, at no extra cost to the reader, where the referral to those products came from. This enables the blogger an opportunity to earn a percentage of anything that was purchased through that link.

Blogging can simply be a way to portray a specific theme.

Similarly, blogging can be a way to project an overall FEELING into the world.

This blog is a mix of the first two, of course. I need a way to learn to eventually monetize my time spent here. But, mostly, overall, this blog is intended to carry the theme of CONFIDENCE throughout it. Through giving specific ways to build confidence… Through transparency & vulnerability, giving insight on why confidence is important… This blog’s main objective is to speak about & to confidence. How to build more confidence. The importance of being confident. When it is okay to admit we are lacking confidence… ALL OF IT.

The purpose of THIS blog is to help empower women to see that it is okay to seek to be a confident independent woman — & that it IS possible to be that woman while still embracing (or conquering!) the chaos in our lives. This blog is all about giving PERMISSION to walk or dance or skip to the beat of YOUR own drum.

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Blogging is a powerful tool.

Its purpose can cover so many areas — those I’ve mentioned here &, I’m willing to bet, plenty more I haven’t yet fully considered. Whether it is to clear your mind, promote something you love, or attempt to make the world a better place somehow, blogging is a fun & worthy way to spend your time!

Stick with me & I will even help you discover whether blogging is right for you — & if it is, how to get started. <3

Until then, please accept this invitation to join us over in the Calculated Chaos Community. It is full of women who are seeking to build confidence. Come make new friends who are willing to lift each other up rather than pull each other down. We’d love for you to join us!

Reta Jayne

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