How I Celebrate My Birthday All Month Long


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How do YOU celebrate YOUR birthday?? Going out dancing? Dinner out with family? Something entirely different? For me, it’s most definitely morphed over the years, but one thing that’s stayed fairly constant is that I celebrate my birthday ALL month long!

Reta Jayne wearing a crown, I believe every year God gives us on this Earth is a reason to be celebrated, and my mama always said to celebrate your birthday all month long, and it's my birthday month. I celebrate my birthday all month long!

This doesn’t mean I literally wear a crown around… BUT, I could. 😉 And it’s not about vanity. I swear! It’s about actually celebrating YOU. It’s about taking some intentional time to reflect on what’s working in your life, what’s NOT working, habits that I want to keep up, & habits I really would like to create.

When I celebrate my birthday all month, I get to be “in charge.”

There’s that Bitch in my head ALL the time, telling me how worthless or inadequate I am. This is the month where I get to slam her down a little harder than any other month. When I celebrate my birthday all month long, it means I give myself extra grace & “permission” NOT to feel guilty for being ME.

When I say I am going to celebrate my birthday all month long, I mean that this month, I will be cutting myself some extra slack. I’m going to get to know myself better & what I want out of life & what my day-to-day should really be… It’s not just “partying,” it is self-reflection, getting back to your roots, & making small changes… Celebrating YOU.

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So, what I have I learned so far for THIS year’s endeavor to celebrate my birthday all month long?

That’s a good question. The month is only a quarter of the way through… It’s still very internalized. Hopefully, I will be able to vocalize that better by the time my actual birthday rolls around (November 16)…

But, most people use the New Year to evaluate & make resolutions. Instead, I use my birthday month to evaluate & tweak my habits & routines…

Every year is different. Sometimes DRASTICALLY different. Last year, I just promised myself to PAUSE every now & then, in the MIDDLE of something that makes me happy or grateful & just THANK GOD. Life goes by SO fast.

That smile & weird dance my daughter just did… At first inkling, annoyance, but then happiness. I will miss this one day… “Thank you, lord, for allowing me this experience!”

That last moment holding my Grandma’s hand in hospice & kissing her face… when she actually acknowledged my presence, ever so slightly… “Thank you, God, for THIS moment!”

My husband getting a little handsy when I am not in the mood or don’t feel particularly beautiful… “Thank you, God, for putting this man in my life!”

There is SO much we hurry through or do “because we should or are supposed to.” We wind up missing or forgetting to savor the VERY things we will one day look back on & REALLY miss…

So, last year, that was the “small change” I decided on: to savor the little moments more & REALLY listen to the Holy Spirit when he tells me to slow down — or refocus — so I don’t miss something that’s really important… 🤷‍♀️

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This year, as I celebrate my birthday all month long in November, I imagine I will build upon last year.

That’s what birthdays are about, right? But, I am entering the LAST year of my thirties! It’s kind of daunting, yet kind of exciting. I’m feeling all of the emotions!

But, I will say, part of deciding to celebrate my birthday all month this year meant deciding ahead of time that THIS blog is therapeutic for me. It’s more than “business,” & it’s roots are in being a healthy outlet I enjoy. So, I am most definitely reminding myself of THAT.

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