Compassion & Time with Loved Ones (TToT #17)


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This week’s thankfuls are pretty straight-forward. . .

I am so very thankful to have had my nine-year-old son down for a visit for a good ten days. (Thankful #1) He left super early on Tuesday morning. Those goodybyes are always so, so hard. . . But they are getting easier because it is becoming easier to realize that I will see him again soon. (Thankful #2) Plus, the handsome husband & I can go back to not worrying about how much (or how little) clothing we are wearing around the house! (Thankful #3) LOL. A nine-year-old boy just does not need to see certain things! 😉
My baby brother & his daughter!
My baby brother & his daughter!

Friday, March 20 marked the second collective effort for 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion, a initiative started by fellow bloggers Lizzi & Yvonne. On the 20th of each month, 1,000+ bloggers come together under the hashtag “#1000Speak” to talk about compassion-related issues, with a new theme each month. The most recent theme was “Building from Bullying” & there was quite the variety of posts as each blogger put their own spin on what that meant. (You can read my contribution here.) Although this was the second time the group flooded the blogosphere, it was my first time actually participating. I look forward to continuing to do so. (Thankful #4) (Go check out this latest round by clicking here. Don’t forget to share your favorites!)
This week, the handsome husband officially put in his request for time off work for our anniversary & a trip home to Washington State this summer! (Thankful #5) I am SO stinkin’ stoked!
So, first of all, he was a little wishy-washy about taking the night of our anniversary off work so that he could be sure to reserve paid time off for “just in case.” I get it. I do. But, I explained that not every anniversary needs that level of importance in terms of taking off work, but that our first anniversary was quite the ordeal & that I really just need him to spend this anniversary with me as a result. He heard me. (Thankful #6) I love that man.
Then, in July, we intend to rent a car to make the drive to Washington. (Thankful #7) It will be cheaper than flying & having to find a place to board Muttley since he’ll be able to make the trip with us. . . &, frankly, setting aside the cost, I think Muttley would much prefer coming with us too! On the way there, we will swap off driving & just try to get there as quickly as possible, most likely arriving the next day. Then, we will have just over a week of time to visit everyone we can cram into our schedule before heading back to Arizona. That will include finally meeting our new niece Lorrayne, who was born early last Sunday morning AND our soon-to-be-born nephew! (Thankful #8) On the way home, we will pick up Little RJ & he will head back with us for a good four- to six-week visit before he has to go back to start school. (Thankful #9) We’ll be able to take our time a little bit more on the way back with the kid in-tow. . . then a few weeks into his summertime visit, we’ll take a one- or two-night trip up to the Grand Canyon & Sedona too! (Thankful #10). That’s the plan as of right now, anyway! I am so stinkin’ excited! 😀 
How was your week? What are your thankfuls? 
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