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Currently, I am. . .

Thinking about: WAY too much, as usual. Among other things, I have been thinking about the conversations I want to have with my little RJ while he is here for his next visit & what we should do while he is here. This will be our last visit until at least Thanksgiving, from the looks of it. I am SUPER excited to see him; he arrives one week from tomorrow for a three-week visit before we both start school. AND, speaking of school. . . It’s weighing on my mind a lot that even though I start school four weeks from tomorrow & I am resolved to not only go, but also do well, & see it through this time around, I also feel a responsibility to be working & contributing financially to our household. With one vehicle & the further constraints on my availability because of school, I am really struggling to find a solution. It has been seriously weighing on my mind. I am trying desperately to get creative about this situation because I know there is a solution somewhere; I am just at a loss – right now – as to what that is.

Reading: I most recently read John Green’s “The Fault in Our Stars” for a book club gathering that was put together as a result of a local women’s club I found on Facebook. It was a quick, easy, but interesting read. I now have a few Dean Koontz books I have been meaning to get around to & that same group of women is in the process of choosing another book. We shall see. . . Reading is something I have always enjoyed, but my attention span has been aggravatingly short lately; it’s something I would definitely like to remedy.

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Listening to: As usual, mostly just country music. At home, it’s through a Music Choice channel on the television. In the truck, it’s 102.5 KNIX, which I am still getting used to after moving to Arizona. Of course, when it is not music, I usually have something on the television for background noise. Dead silence is something I have a hard time with these days. . . I am not sure why.

Watching: I’ve recently finished catching up on most of ABC’s television series, “Black Box”. I enjoy “Under the Dome” & “Extant” right now too, though. Either way, I need to find another show to enjoy before the fall season starts back up, because I watch an episode On Demand when I wake up too late to beat the heat on my morning walk & need to get some time in on my Gazelle instead. 😉

Thankful for: Quite a lot, actually. Lately, there are two main things at the top of this list, though. The first is my husband. I still catch myself looking at him & wondering how I got so lucky to meet him, much less marry him. It’s SO cliché to say; I get that. (Like, gag me with a spoon! LOL) BUT, it doesn’t change this fact. It’s almost scary how much I love this man & it is great comfort to know that he loves me just as much. He is truly my best friend & I have never felt as secure as when I am with him. The second is that, somehow, my youngest son’s father & I have been able to keep our relationship amicable enough to where he is so open about Little RJ coming to visit whenever the handsome husband & I can pull together the funds for his travel. Little RJ seems completely unaware that this is not how a lot of parents behave when they are not a couple; he thinks this is a normal way of life because it has always been how his life has been. I think it’s pretty awesome & a reason for all of us involved to be proud.

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