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It’s that time of year when everyone is declaring their goals for their lives & announcing them to the world with great optimism.

Losing weight, quitting smoking, exercising more often, being more patient or mindful.

There’s a plethora of different things we all want to change about ourselves & our behavior.

We start our year with such great intentions only to realize that by March or April, whatever our New Year resolutions were are LONG GONE. Yep. Derailed. History. Never to be seen again.

Yet, every year, we do it again.



Why do we put ourselves through it if we know that the outcome will, likely, just be the same? NO RESULTS & MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT.

We do it because we WANT to believe we can change. We NEED the optimism in our lives. We do — & you know what? We are RIGHT.

We CAN change. We CAN reach all of our goals for the new year — & then some!

All we have to do is change HOW we approach our new year resolutions.

Not only are we setting improper goals for ourselves, but we are also setting ourselves up for failure.

So, what should we do about it?

The solution is simple. Not easy, but SIMPLE.

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It is as simple as that.

Lets make a change this year that actually sets us up for success ALL YEAR LONG.

  • Think about ALL the things you would change about you & your behaviors if you could.
  • Think about all the things you would like to accomplish THIS YEAR.
  • Think about all the things you WISH you would have accomplished last year.
  • Write them all down if you have to. Ponder them.

Do they have a theme?? Can you narrow it all down to JUST ONE WORD? That ONE word should evoke emotion in you. It should make you want to get up & DO. It should empower you to do better — to improve upon what you’ve always done.


For 2017, the ONE WORD that shaped my ENTIRE year was “PHOENIX.”

I had SO MANY things in my life that needed to reboot, so to speak. I needed strength to NOT look at how I had always done things &, instead, have the power to reinvent myself. I needed to close some doors & open new ones. As a result of my word “PHOENIX,” I reinvented myself several times over. I had SO MANY new beginnings in various areas of my life. Each time a new decision presented itself to me, I imagined myself as a bird, rising in a burst of flames over a pile of ashes with such fanfare there was no way I couldn’t succeed! It was powerful stuff!

I struggled a little choosing my word for 2018. When I sat down & thought about all the things I still wanted to change or accomplish, the overall theme had me leaning toward “FLOURISH” or “VELOCITY” (speed with direction, feel me?) but neither QUITE evoked a strong enough emotion to REALLY make me want to get up & MOVE.

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I needed a word for 2018 that would help me get out of my head more… A word that would help me actually implement all of the ideas I have & a word that would help me QUIT SECOND-GUESSING myself … A word that would help me be more productive, in general, & help me build my confidence further, afterall, isn’t part of confidence actually having faith in yourself & TRUSTING yourself to do what you say you’ll do instead of always thinking about it instead?

Progress over perfection.

I needed to bust out of the cycle of constantly going back to fine-tune a plan only to never actually implement it… & to stop procrastinating on household chores…. I needed my word to encompass A LOT. Then it hit me! SO SIMPLE….



My word for 2018 is NOW. Do it NOW. NOW, not later… &, for the few times it just doesn’t make sense to DO it NOW, then I can schedule it NOW. Less thinking & more doing. NOW.

So, NOW… What is YOUR word? Your ONE word that will shape your ENTIRE year… Your ONE word that will make this year your BEST year yet…? 

Shoot me an email to [email protected] I would love to know YOUR word for 2018!!! You are also welcome to join our New Year, New GOALS workshop/challenge!!! Just click here to join our community & dive in along side us all. We would LOVE to have you!Reta Jayne

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