Drool-Worthy Homemade Beef Tamales


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These turned out so mouth-watering delicious that it borders upon ridiculousness. Seriously!

It all started the day before when I made the shredded beef concoction that was to die for. . . I pulled it out of the refrigerator & couldn’t resist adding a splash of beef broth & a few dashes of hot sauce to it while I heated it up a touch — on low — on the stove.

While the beef got rid of its refrigerator chill, I poured myself a CoronaRita, soaked my corn husks in a bowl of hot water in the sink (to make sure they wouldn’t tear),┬á& began mixing my masa:

  • 4 cups masa mix
  • 3 teaspoons salt
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 cup corn oil
  • 2-1/2 cups beef broth
CoronaRita & Preparations
CoronaRita & Preparations

Start by combining just the dry ingredients, then add the corn oil. Make sure your hands are clean, because this is the perfect opportunity to acceptably play with your food! Next, mix the dry ingredients & the corn oil, using your hands. Say WHAT?! Yep. That’s right. Use your hands. Don’t be timid. Dig right in & mix it all together. It’s almost like play-doh. . . No? ­čśë

It was my grandma that taught me that mixing with your hands was more than acceptable. . . Granted, that was while learning to make her yummy potato salad, which I hardly ever get to make, since the handsome husband doesn’t like olives or eggs — two essential ingredients for good potato salad. . . But, that’s neither here nor there. . .

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Back to the tamales. Once the corn oil is mixed in thoroughly, it is time to add the beef broth — just a bit at a time — to the mix. Don’t forget; your hands are the best mixing tool here! Once fully incorporated, add the next bit of broth, then repeat until all two-&-a-half cups of broth have been added.

Using the shredded beef mix I had made the day before, I had more than enough to make this masa mix three times. The first time, I made it as outlined above. The second batch, I replaced part of the beef broth with a seven-ounce can of diced green chiles. The third & final batch, I added a teaspoon of paprika to the dry portion of the mix. All of the above were positively delicious; therefore, I highly encourage you to get a bit creative here!

Layer Into Steamer Without Over-Crowding
Layer Into Steamer Without Over-Crowding

Once your batch of masa is mixed up properly (think, a loose play-doh), shake the excess water off a few of your now-softened corn husks & lay them out. It is okay to layer if the husk is a little small or torn slightly. . . Leave the tapered end empty & shape the masa into a rough square-shape. Then, put a small strip of the meat mixture down the center of the masa & fold the husk in half length-wise so that each side of the masa meets, to seal the meat in the center. Finish folding over the corn husk, then fold the tapered end up & stand up in your steamer pot.

Make as many batches of the masa as necessary to fulfill the amount of tamales you require. Once complete, steam the tamales for one-&-a-half to two hours, making certain that you don’t run the pot dry of water. The result is pure deliciousness! Eat them on their own, freeze the excess, unwrap from the husks & top with enchilada sauce, cheese, & homemade guacamole & serve with rice & beans. . . Or, you know, whatever floats your boat!

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Tamale Goodness
Tamale Goodness

I wouldn’t share it if I didn’t think it was some serious deliciousness up in here. . . BUT, I am curious what y’all have to say! Give it a shot & let me know! ­čśÇ


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