October 17, 2019

Get More Customers for Your Home Business By Making These 5 Changes Today

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Running a home business is HARD. I know I don’t have to tell you that. If you’re reading this, it’s probably something you’ve already realized. But it’s fun & rewarding & the potential is so GREAT, right? So, why do so many struggle to find customers? Why is it so difficult to even get someone to pay attention when you want to share?? Frankly, there are probably things you’re doing that are repelling people away. So, read on to learn how to get more customers by making just a few changes.

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1). Stop vomiting your link everywhere.

Direct sales & MLM (multi-level marketing) gets its bad name from a lot of things. At the top of the list is link the link vomiting. This is when people throw their replicated shopping site’s link into every place they can think of online thinking they’ll get more customers.

A thread even slightly related to what they do? Copy & paste that link! An unsolicited message to a friend they haven’t talked to in forever? Copy & paste a quick message & “oh! by the way…” Copy & paste that link!

Stop being so free with your shopping link! I know it might SEEM counter-productive, but think about it. When is the last time you just HAD to have something from someone who hunted YOU down? Yeah. Probably never. There’s a better way to get more customers!

What to do instead.

Put your shopping link in ONLY a few strategic places. I suggest your most common social media profile‘s “About” section. (Make sure it’s public.) I like this option because, if you strike it off with someone elsewhere on that platform (it’s your favorite, remember?), many people will check out the profile of someone they’ve met. Then, it’s THEM checking it out on THEIR OWN instead of YOU ramming it down their throat, y’know?

You can also put it in your email signature with a witty saying or on a business card (if you still use those!). The point is to pick just a few places, then only give it when asked or when the conversation is OBVIOUSLY about where to go to get the product(s) you offer. You will get more customers when you are strategic about letting them come to YOU.

2). Quit being selfish!

You have A LOT of worth. And you’ve put a lot of effort & research into this fabulous business you’ve started. I get it. You want to share it! And you want people to support you. There are GOALS you’re trying to reach & DREAMS you can SEE now, but that are still out of your reach. And, when you SEE something so clearly & can see the path to it, you can get caught up in plowing your way to it. Really, though, the plow isn’t always the best option. Sometimes, more care needs to be taken. Here’s what I mean.

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Let’s say you want a promotion. You’re SO close! You hit your social media & start telling people you’re up for such-&-such promotion & you’re so excited! And, all THEY have to do is BUY X-amount or JOIN your company under you & YOU will get said promotion! EXCITING, right?! And, you spread that message in every way possible. You’re relentless! It’s your goal! You’re NOT giving up until the fat lady sings!

But, nowhere in that message did you talk about what OTHERS stand to gain. It was ALL about YOU! Why on earth would people step up to help you reach a goal like that? Once. Maybe twice — to help YOU out, like you said. Sure. If you’re still marketing to friends & family. Or, maybe because you’ve pestered them SO hardcore, they just wanted it to STOP… But, it wasn’t because they were excited about the purchase or the kit. Do you get it?

What you can do instead.

Every time you have an objective to reach, PAUSE. Think about the path you need to take to get there & whose help you need. Then put yourself in the shoes of those people. If you were them, what would ENTICE you to WANT to take the actions needed?

So, you want to earn a promotion with your direct sales/MLM company? You need a certain amount of sales & another person to join your downline, lets say. So, put yourself in the shoes of the people who would make those purchases & the people who would consider joining your downline.

What would make you WANT to buy? What would make you WANT to join? How can you incentivize the action? Or, better yet, how can you PRESENT the option to make that action in a way that makes THEM decide it’s a totally great decision — without bringing up YOUR goals?

3). Stop relying on your family & friends.

This one isn’t entirely your fault. Frankly, none of these are; there’s some really awful direct sales & MLM training out there. Once upon a time, starting with your family & friends was a good idea. Heck! In some ways, starting there can still work (if done right).

The problem lies in relying on family & friends to sustain your business. You are pestering them with selfish motives! Whether you realize that’s what you’re doing or not, that’s exactly what happens.

“Look at this new thing I started! If you really supported me, you’d host a party/buy something/promote for me.”

You are TAKING ADVANTAGE OF & USING your friends & family when you do things like this — especially when it is your sole way of marketing. It isn’t healthy — for business OR relationships. (I can see, maybe, asking your mother or best friend ONCE right out the gate, but not for EVERY venture & not more than that. ) It’s a cop out & it is detrimental to success — the individual AND the industry. You are not going to get more customers this way.

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What to do instead.

It’s okay to be EXCITED. You can share your excitement just the same as you would share anything else you’re super stoked about. You cross the line when you ask something of someone other than SHARING the great feeling you have.

If you want to get more customers & grow your business, work at it.

Then, you can enjoy a friend or family member who HAPPENS to also support us when we do things the right way. And what’s the right way? It’s different for everyone. But, I will say, direct sales & MLM (multi-level marketing) are about sales & marketing. The shortcut so many in our industry take is SKIPPING the part that has us ACTUALLY LEARNING about marketing!

Mind. Blown.

Learn to market & present yourself professionally. I’m not even talking on the same level as big corporations! Some people aren’t even trying to find consistency in their own branding — or to even learn what “branding” means.

(And, if that’s you, I promise, I am NOT trying shame you here. FAR FROM IT. I am trying to show you there’s a different way & a whole new world out there for you if you’re willing to do the work & give it a shot!)

4). Stop following the masses!

Direct sales & MLM are wonderful opportunities. I don’t need any convincing there. And, if you’re still reading this, you probably share that sentiment. But, frankly, we have a BAD NAME. There are MANY people out there whose noses turn up & faces scrunch when they catch wind of anything even remotely like us. And, to be honest, there’s good reason!

The blind link vomiting, ignorant “marketing,” spamming friends & family, & abundance of extremely poor business practices kind of make it hard to argue with that outlook. People get SO DESPERATE to make an extra dollar or get some recognition that they throw ALL caution to the wind &, well, make asses of themselves, if I’m being honest.

They are afraid to make themselves STAND OUT — or they don’t know how. They are shoving links & information down people’s throats & onto people’s newsfeeds instead of focusing on value & relationships.

What to do instead.

If those things are any indication, that tells you, there is room for CHANGE. Real change. Think for yourself. How do YOU naturally connect with people, even outside of your business? How can you take that & apply it to meeting new people for your business? Even better, what are some ways you can provide value (give free information) to people based on what you know & do naturally well?

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Tie in YOUR talents & abilities to your business. Make following you online & keeping up with what you’re doing something people WANT to do — because you give them something they want, enjoy, &/or need. (See how we’re going back to putting ourselves in THEIR shoes again? ūüėČ To get more customers, there might be a theme here, eh?)

5). Stop jumping from one shiny object to the next.

It’s okay to be uncomfortable. That’s when GROWTH happens. If you bail every time you don’t get the results you want, you’ll never find the results you want. If you want to get more customers, you need to hold a steady path for them to follow in the first place!

You can’t keep doing the same old tired things & expect different results. And you can’t throw arrows into the dark & expect to be great. You have to take control of something. Take the lead. Become somewhat of an “expert” on SOMETHING & run with it (instead of trying to conquer everything everyone else is doing & being mediocre at all of those things).

What to do instead.

Focus. Dream BIG first. No limits. Then, decide, what could you do to get you closer to realizing that dream? How can your business play a role in that? Once you know, create an action plan. Lay out the steps from that dream, working your way backward to where you are now.

All of a sudden, your dream is now a SOLID GOAL. Your business has a PLAN. You have a FOCUS. And, you need to remind yourself of ALL of that every day. Write out the step you’re currently working on, daily. Keep it at the forefront… & before you know it, that dream will be a reality & that whole shiny object syndrome thing will be WAY in the past!

You can get more customers by making just a few changes to how you do business.

They’re simple, but not always easy. I get it. I am in the trenches with you with my Sweet Minerals business. But what holds people back also plays into & contributes to the stigma surrounding direct sales & MLM, whether they realize it or not. So, if you found this article helpful, share it with someone else you think could use it too.

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