How Should You Work Your Home Business?


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Starting your new home business means you have a ton of decisions to make about exactly how to get it off the ground.

Are you going to focus your efforts online? In-person? A combination of the two?

Which route is the best? And what is YOUR personality most suited to do?

This quiz can help you decide.


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No matter what you wind up with for results on this “How Should You Work Your Home Business?” quiz, we are in a technological world.

You are here because something in your business isn’t working quite right. Or your new business needs to get off on the right foot.

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What if you could get FREE business training?

What if you could decide how should you work your home business while learning to sell & recruit without bugging your friends & family?

Say “goodbye” to cold messages, vomiting your link all over the Internet, & having your friends miss your important posts because they’ve unfollowed you because your business posts were taking over their feed. (Yes! They do it whether you realize it or not!)

See if you qualify to learn — for FREE! — how to build automated systems to sell & recruit online! As a Sweet Sensation, you’ll get step-by-step training to get your business started, build automated systems, sell & recruit confidently, & more.

So, how should you work your home business?

Take the quiz above to get some guidance, then see if you qualify for additional free business training.

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