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Do you own a brick & mortar small business? Or maybe you’re a direct sales or multi-level marketing (MLM) entrepreneur? No matter your type of business, BLOGGING can help you build it! Read on to learn how to blog to build your business.

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One of the reasons learning how to blog to build your business can be so powerful is search engine optimization (SEO).

Through SEO, you can, over time, make sure your blog & its articles & photos show up when people search through sites like Google. It is largely because of SEO that blogging is no longer only for diary entries that happen to be posted online for the world to see.

Because of SEO, you can think ahead about what your ideal client is searching for online. Then, you can include articles on your blog with key words that will enable your information to show up on your ideal client’s search!

Write about how to solve problems your ideal client might have.

When you learn how to blog to build your business, you get to inspire, through a blog article, an action your ideal client might need extra motivation to complete. Explain the importance of some process or procedure in your ideal client’s life.

As an example, imagine you own a business that has to do with cosmetics & skin care. You might blog about how to create a natural look that still hides flaws. An example of a skin care regimen for various skin types would be beneficial. Even how to get silky smooth legs or soft, invigorated feet could be on your radar!

As a direct sales or MLM entrepreneur, you might write about entrepreneurship. You could talk about the different forms entrepreneurship can take. Answer WHY a journey as an entrepreneur on your particular path is lucrative or rewarding.

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The whole point of learning how to blog to build your business is to provide some kind of VALUE to whomever comes across it.

Do you see that theme in the examples above? Through your blog, you are answering questions, explaining a process, defining some concept or procedure. You are providing information or inspiration on topics related to your business.

This is what will draw people in. How to build your business through blogging means being in tune with attraction marketing techniques. You need to seriously get to know your ideal client. You need to be able to, at least for a few minutes, take YOURSELF out of the equation & focus on what you have to GIVE.

After you’ve got your foundation built on what you can GIVE, it’s time to layer in monetization.

Monetization refers to anything that helps you bring in the money! On your blog, monetization typically means using advertisements or affiliate links. As you grow, you can add digital items for sale. Think: e-books, printable forms or worksheets around a topic you teach about, in-depth online courses, handmade items. The list goes on.

The key with monetization is to keep in mind your niche — the reason for your blog in the first place. What is that VALUE you settled on? Maintain the overall theme of what you could GIVE through blogging, even through monetization.

This is where many bloggers lose their sincerity. And, losing your sincerity can create an image of you & your business that is less than favorable.

Blogging is a way to really connect with people.

As a small business owner, connection is KEY. So, do NOT negate this HUGE benefit by coming on too strong when you try to monetize. Do not go after EVERY form of monetization right out of the gate. Do not go for money-making opportunities that do not align with your overall mission or image.

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Simply put, stay true to YOU. Stay true to the image you are trying to put out into the world to attract your ideal client.

The absolute best way to begin to monetize your blog to build your business is to embed links to your products or services for sale. For example, when I write about how to achieve a flawless face, embedded within that text are links that, when followed, lead you to a place to get more information on purchasing a Sweet Minerals Flawless Face System.

You can do the same with your direct sales or MLM opportunity. Write about what makes entrepreneurship so awesome when you’re affiliated with a company such as yours. Write about WHY you joined your current company or why you left a previous company. Then, within your blog article, embed a link (like the one at the end of this sentence) that leads to a way to actually join YOU.

When you do all of this, your business is bound to grow. It might take some time to get all of your processes in place. You might need to invest a little money to get your blog set up properly. But, if you are committed & consistent, the rewards can be SO AMAZING!

Plus, the best part about it?

Once something is put out onto the Internet, it STAYS there!

This means that you can go back to your OLDER blog posts & update them with more current links. It means that posts & links that will pretty much ALWAYS be valid will stay out there, working FOR you!

Over time, the longer your blog is recognized by the search engines, the more it will pop up as a result. The more it pops up as a search result, the more it will be visited. When your blog is visited more, it will pop up as a search result even more often.

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Plus, the older, yet still relevant, that content is, the more reliable of a source it will appear to be… & when it is reliable, search engines will favor it as a result!

Simply put, learning how to blog to build your business, over time, can turn into a PASSIVE income source for your business!

And, no matter which way you put it, a passive income is ALWAYS desirable! Put in the work NOW. Build your blog up. Learn all the blogging things. And, one day, your investment will pay off by starting to pay you even when you aren’t actively working it as hard!

Want more? Learn more about blogging, how to start your own blog, & whether it is even for you by perusing this site. (You can also click the embedded links in that sentence! See what I did there? 😉 )

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