It almost feels sinful to read someone else’s diary — but it is how you get into the deepest of thoughts! Learn CONFESSIONS of the heart & mind. These posts are written with a diary-like feel with less emphasis on formality in writing, but usually with A LOT of emotions circulating. These are shared in hope it will also benefit someone else.

Your Past Does Not Define You; It Is Only Part of Your Story


There are moments in life that mark a very clear before & after. It’s a point in your life’s timeline when, in looking back, you can clearly see a remarkable change as a result of an event. Do you know the types of events I am talking about? Some are devastating. But some are so wonderful. The thing they all have in common, however, is that they are life-altering events that lead to regret if...

10 Things to Do Today to Keep Coronavirus Fear Away


You can’t turn on the television or radio or jump onto social media without seeing something about the coronavirus pop up. There are jokes, questions, rants, & everything in between. And, whether you believe it is all fear-mongering or totally true, the fact is, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS–CoV–2) — the name of the virus that CAUSES coronavirus...

The Shocking Truth About Making Meaningful Change


I recently had quite a shocking epiphany. It’s embarrassing, really. Why? My realization, now, seems so stinkin’ SIMPLE, but it took my over-complicated mind a ridiculous amount of circles around the obvious before finally settling on the conclusion. Are you ready for this? What if making meaningful change — to be happier, to have the life we want –only required LETTING GO...

5 Healthy Tips for Dealing with the Aftermath of Life’s Storms


All major storms have some kind of aftermath. Sometimes, it’s flooding or piles of rubble. Other times, it’s just a few broken branches in the street & water flowing through the gutters. But, I can’t think of a time I’ve ever seen a storm come & go without there being evidence of its severity once it’s gone. Can you? Dealing with the aftermath of life’s...

The Startling Yet Simple Truth: What am I Doing with my Life?!


Have you ever stopped yourself in your tracks one day & wondered, What am I doing with my life?! I have. A lot. This is the kind of thing that crosses my mind all too frequently. And it’s this question that, ultimately, gave Confidence & Chaos its start. This blog’s history & mission — its whole purpose, even to this day — revolves around that very question...

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