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Mental health is an important topic that gets swept under the rug far too often. People do not talk about these types of illnesses — or even their thought processes! — simply out of fear of being judged or misunderstood. It is totally understandable, but this needs to stop.

There will be LESS of a stigma surrounding these topics if more of us can find the courage to SHARE our struggles, insecurities, & hopes & dreams. So, Confidence & Chaos is tackling this issue, rather than waiting for someone else to jump.

Thus, find posts that pertain to mental health or retraining our brains & thought processes here.

To My 16-Year-Old Self


Dear Reta Jayne: I know life is all “lollipops & glitter” right now. . . (Okay, maybe not. Maybe it’s emotional and angst-ridden, as most teenage years are. . . But, trust me, honey, in comparison to some of the things you go through later, it really is a beautiful time.) Either way, I need you to know, in less than six months, you & your family are going to go through...

That Voice in Your Head


I am fat.
I haven’t always been.
I have almost always thought I was.
This isn’t the first time in my life I have been.
This is the LARGEST I’ve ever been, though. . .
The handsome husband used to joke that it was because I finally got comfortable in our relationship. . . That this is the reason why I started gaining weight. He’s probably right. I do see a correlation there!

Nothing Can Compare


As I wrote about how pregnancy is not beautiful, I knew that I would, inevitably, have to write a follow-up post soon after. Do not get me wrong. I believe every word of what was written. I feel everything that was talked about there. BUT, I do also think there is room for further discussion — if for no other reason than to satisfy my own desire to show “the other side of the coin...

Pregnancy is NOT Beautiful


I know I am not supposed to say this. . . And, I know I have a tendency to try to put a positive spin on damn near everything, (especially when posting here). BUT, there comes a point when a gal just needs to vent! Not everything said may sound logical. . . And, many of these proclamations may be gross exaggerations, BUT that does not mean they are not my true feelings, nonetheless. . . Pregnancy...

Magic in Our Lives


Life is hard. It is messy & intense & crazy. . . & beautiful & downright magical. All you have to do is look around to find some of its magic. . .
Yesterday, as the handsome husband I were having a little chat, we came to a realization. . . There are so many little things that just added up into this perfect, magically BLESSED moment.
Let me attempt to explain:

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