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Mental health is an important topic that gets swept under the rug far too often. People do not talk about these types of illnesses — or even their thought processes! — simply out of fear of being judged or misunderstood. It is totally understandable, but this needs to stop.

There will be LESS of a stigma surrounding these topics if more of us can find the courage to SHARE our struggles, insecurities, & hopes & dreams. So, Confidence & Chaos is tackling this issue, rather than waiting for someone else to jump.

Thus, find posts that pertain to mental health or retraining our brains & thought processes here.

Do You Feel Like You’re Not Enough?


There’s an epidemic affecting women that is so disturbing. It’s nothing new, if you think about it. And it’s gaining more & more attention across social channels. But, still, women are afflicted. I have some theories about why… But, do you feel like you’re not enough? I’ll come right out & say that I am one who feels like I am not enough on a regular...

How Confidence & Chaos featuring Sweet Minerals Came to Be


I didn’t always know Confidence & Chaos featuring Sweet Minerals would be part of my life. But when it hit me, I knew something special was about to happen & it’s been a marvelous journey ever since… There I was, tears streaming down my face. I met my eyes in the mirror & considered the reflection staring back at me. Racoon eyes, I thought. Wild hair, blotchy skin...

You Don’t Control Your Own Life.


The thing about this life is that it’s incredibly fleeting. We are here one moment & gone the next. We love & lose & hurt & feel immense joy. But whatever it is we feel in this moment is not going to last. Even more so, there is nothing we can do to change that fact. You don’t control your own life anyway. So, there was no way you could lose control in the first place...

Everyone is Judging You.


Something happened last week that marked a change in my life. It wasn’t a soul crushing or earth shattering occurrence. Yet, I can still clearly look back & see where the proverbial line in the sand was drawn: Everyone is judging you. Depending on who you ask, I might be crazy. But I urge you to hear me out anyway. It’s no secret that it is human nature to be judgmental creatures...

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