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Live life with NO FILTER with NoFilter Global! This company is for being REAL, never fake, & being true to ourselves & others.

When you use NoFilter products or engage in business activities with NoFilter, you will FEEL empowered & beautiful. There will be NO FILTERS on your photos (unless you want them!) & you will find your confidence growing at every turn.

HONEST ingredients & no fillers or toxic crap in any products. Leaping Bunny certified. Many vegan options.

You’ll find natural mineral makeup, top-of-the-line skincare, & even cleaning products & hand sanitizer — all with TRANSPARENT ingredient lists with good-for-you stuff from nature.

You can even find in NoFilter Global a ground-floor, never-been-offered before business opportunity. NO FILTER Global JUST launched!

Be among the FIRST to get into a NEW opportunity to share CONFIDENCE that doesn’t require a filter.

? Honest ingredients.
? Cutting edge technology.
? NO monthly quotas.
? NO monthly fees.
? A generous compensation plan.
? FOUNDER’S PERKS for getting in EARLY!!
? Natural, waterproof mineral makeup.
? Pro-age skincare.
? Natural hand sanitizer & cleaning products.

PLUS, ??CASH BONUSES?? & opportunities for a CAR program too!

Get ALL the details right here — or join the NoFilter opportunity group on Facebook with NO OBLIGATION.

? Become an affiliate at (Just click the “Join My Team” button at the top of the page.)

? Email Reta Jayne at [email protected] or peruse this category to get answers to any questions you might have. ?

An Open Letter to Direct Sales Friends


I have been in your shoes. For many of you, in fact, I can honestly say I am currently walking a very similar path! But, direct sales friends, here’s the deal: we can do better! I get it. Direct sales is HARD. It takes strength & courage we didn’t even know we had & requires us to learn & grow. We set ourselves up for rejection & perceived failure every single day! I...

Top 10 Reasons I Switched from LuLaRoe to Sweet Minerals


I know I recently shared the reason why I left LuLaRoe in the first place. But, the reasons I left LuLaRoe aren’t ALL the reasons I made the switch from LuLaRoe to Sweet Minerals. I am content & thoroughly EXCITED with my journey with Sweet Minerals thus far… But what helped me make that transition? Why did I make the switch in the first place?

Why I Left LuLaRoe


When I joined the ranks of other LuLaRoe retailers, I was so stinkin’ EXCITED! I had several tear-filled conversations with my husband about WHY the huge investment would be so worth it, how I could make it work without taking over our family — & WHY I just NEEDED to do it. But, now, to be explaining why I left LuLaRoe? Little did I know that just over a year after launching, I...

How to Achieve a Flawless Face


We’ve all seen the movies where the girl rolls over in bed &, somehow, has this flawless, fresh, seemingly makeup-free face & kisses her man who doesn’t wince from her morning breath. If only, right? 😉 Well, I am not about to sit here & try to tell you that can be YOUR reality… BUT, I am going to tell you about how to have a flawless face that is QUICK to achieve...

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