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As I wrote about how pregnancy is not beautiful, I knew that I would, inevitably, have to write a follow-up post soon after. Do not get me wrong. I believe every word of what was written. I feel everything that was talked about there. BUT, I do also think there is room for further discussion — if for no other reason than to satisfy my own desire to show “the other side of the coin.”

I suspect, as with anything that you’re not supposed to say, there’s a certain amount of controversy that can arise. I was horribly aware of this as I hit the button to publish that post. This isn’t necessarily to say that all of these things were brought to my attention. . . But, whether brought up by others or my own subconscious, there were a few questions or issues that I felt compelled to address. . .

Will people think I am more miserable than I really am? This is one snap shot in time when I really needed to just vent about the nastiness of pregnancy. Of course there are joyful times too. . . Picking out baby names with the handsome husband, for example. . . Would you believe we got it fairly well narrowed down already?? Don’t worry; it’s still early. . . They’re not NAILED down, just NARROWED down! And, no, we will not share them just yet! (I know; I am such a tease sometimes. . . )

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Will it be thought that I am ungrateful to be having this child? Or that I don’t want to be having this child at all? This one is a touchy subject, indeed. I do realize that not everyone is as lucky to be blessed with the opportunity to have a child so easily, especially with the person with whom they are so in love. The handsome husband & I just decided to get rid of our birth control at the end of December. . . Less than four months later, after doing what we always do, otherwise, we were able to make the announcement that our little sugar-plum is on the way. Not only are we thoroughly excited about this, but we know most of our friends & family are too. (I am even starting to warm up to the idea of possibly having a daughter! But, sssssh!! Don’t tell!)

Yet, I also know that there are plenty of people out there that have struggled with infertility& may still bear those scars — that would never “rain on our parade,” but still have a hard time fully rejoicing with us — or indulging in a pregnancy-related pity-party — just the same. I may not necessarily need to “tone down” my excitement, but I think it is only fair & right & human to at least acknowledge these facts, nonetheless.

Will the handsome husband be upset that I shared these feelings with the world in this way? Pretty much always an irrational fear with my husband. He is pretty much the most supportive man on the planet. (No offense to anyone else’s husbands, as I am sure they all tie for a close second!) Our lines of communication are so open at any given time that most of what I write, he has probably already lent an ear to in some way, shape, or form prior. And, frankly, if he has not, & something did take him aback in an unpleasant way, we would talk about it & come to some sort of resolution or compromise. He has been my number one supporter where this blog is concerned, (with a few very close friends directly behind); he knows what an outlet it has become for me. I love him even more for that.

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I do stand by my statement; pregnancy is NOT beautiful. It is certainly a mess of emotions & hormones & bodily functions that are difficult to navigate all at once — whether you’ve done it before or its your first time. It is miserable & messy. . . No way around that.

BUT, there IS something about it all — even if it’s not pregnancy itself — that is more beautiful & miraculous than anything that can accurately be described. . . At the end of all that messiness, there is this perfect little human being that you carried around inside your body for months & months. . . After you’ve conquered the task of labor & delivery, (which is even harder & scarier than pregnancy itself can ever be), you have this little person — a miraculous human being — that is made up of you & the one you love & God.

And, that is when it hits you. . . Every single bit of that discomfort over the last several months — enduring nausea, various aches & pains, hormonal changes, headaches, strange food cravings, hot flashes, & a host of other “ailments” — was absolutely worth getting to that moment in time, when your child is placed in your arms for the first time.

There’s no feeling in the world that can compare. . . And, there is no way on this Earth that I would give up this experience for anything.


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