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Will Pigs Actually Fly?


Recently, I had a falling out (of sorts) with someone I deeply care about. . .  Things are strained between us — & that’s putting it mildly. The other party has recently eased into small interactions. . . But I just cannot let things go so easily this time. I really feel that an acknowledgement of what has transpired is more than reasonable to expect — as is an apology...

Drool-Worthy Homemade Beef Tamales


These turned out so mouth-watering delicious that it borders upon ridiculousness. Seriously! It all started the day before when I made the shredded beef concoction that was to die for. . . I pulled it out of the refrigerator & couldn’t resist adding a splash of beef broth & a few dashes of hot sauce to it while I heated it up a touch — on low — on the stove. While the...

Flavorful Mexican-Style Shredded Beef


The handsome husband & I recently moved to Arizona from the beautiful Washington State & while grocery shopping for the first time down here, he saw some frozen tamales that only required to be steamed before eating. . . While these were quite delicious, I am not really feeling the pre-made stuffs in our house anymore. . . Other than ice cream, I mean, really? If I am going to be —...

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