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3 Reasons to Join Sweet Minerals for Just $1


You might think an article like this is going to be a hard sell of reasons to join Sweet Minerals as part of someone’s — okay, my! — downline. Only ONE dollar?! Really? That’s SUPER affordable! What’s the catch? But, truthfully, there’s no catch. And, this article is different. You need the information to make a good decision for YOU. And, the reality is that...

4 Ways to Stop Feeling Isolated in Your Own Life


Have you ever caught yourself going through the motions of life, just to take a seemingly rare pause & realize you feel all alone? There are people all around you, but you feel disconnected. You don’t fit in. There’s so much to do & so little time to do it in — & it feels like there’s no one to help. It’s just YOU. Somehow, you’re isolated in your...

Get More Customers for Your Home Business By Making These 5 Changes Today


Running a home business is HARD. I know I don’t have to tell you that. If you’re reading this, it’s probably something you’ve already realized. But it’s fun & rewarding & the potential is so GREAT, right? So, why do so many struggle to find customers? Why is it so difficult to even get someone to pay attention when you want to share?? Frankly, there are...

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