3 Truths We Can Learn From the Return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte


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Pumpkin spice. Every autumn, it explodes all over the western world & people lose their dang minds over it! Seasonings. Spices. Flavoring. Yet, people have STRONG opinions! They’re elated about the return of the pumpkin spice latte (“PSL”) or rolling their eyes that someone could be so excited over such a thing. Then, it goes away & people scramble to get their last “fix” or rejoice that they don’t have to smell or see pumpkin anything again for a good long while.

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It is what it is. And, no matter where you stand on the great pumpkin spice debate, I am here to poke a little fun… But also glean a few truths from the ridiculousness of it all! So, for your entertainment — & mine! — here are three truths (or, more specifically, lessons) we can learn from the return of the pumpkin spice latte.

Lesson #1: Keep showing up.

I will admit, I am one who quite likes pumpkin spice — in a good pumpkin loaf. But in a latte? Gross. (See? Another strong opinion!) But, pumpkin spice doesn’t care! Despite the haters, plenty still love it — & it comes back year after year. It’s RESILIENT like that…. It doesnt care that it’s downright disgusting; it just keeps on keeping on. Can you say the same? Do you show up every day & do your best at whatever you’re doing no matter what? Get up more times than you fall down. That’s success — & somehow, pumpkin spice lattes do it.

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Lesson #2: Get out of your comfort zone!

Pumpkin spice isn’t just in a latte; it shows up in creamers & pumpkin bread & pies. My personal favorite is the baked goods. It knows how to DIVERSIFY its offerings. There’s something (even pumpkin face masks!) for nearly everyone… &, Frankly, if you don’t like pumpkin spice SOMETHING, at least fall offers up APPLES! ? Who doesn’t like apple pie or apple cider or baked apple deliciousness?!

So, why can’t we take a page from this same book? Did the return of the pumpkin spice latte stop there? Nooooooo!!! Branch out! Get uncomfortable. Grow. Diversify. Learn something else. Expand your horizons! 😉

Lesson #3: Take pride in yourself.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is CELEBRATED, year after year… Sometimes MULTIPLE times!! There are whole communities of people who come together to celebrate all that is the PSL. We can take a page from that book & celebrate ourselves more. If the world can celebrate a particular LATTE flavor, we can certainly learn to celebrate our own unique beauty more frequently & a little more fervently, don’t you think?

Are there other truths to glean from the return of the pumpkin spice latte?

I’m sure if we think hard enough, we can pull truths from anything! Ha! What others can you come up with? Throw them in the comments below.

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