February 1, 2014

So, There’s This Boy. . .

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So, there’s this boy. . .

He was the first one to REALLY steal my heart & I love him SO MUCH to this day. . . Furthermore, my husband is TOTALLY okay with this. This boy is into Magic cards & plays the clarinet in both a concert band AND a jazz band. He has a quirky sense of humor & loves to read.

This boy’s mom & dad split before he was even two-years-old. Then, months later, his mother lost her job & had a breakdown. He went to live with his dad; she lived out of her van for a few months before being taken in by a family member. When his mother finally got back on her feet again, nearly a year had gone by; it would have been selfish to insist on uprooting this boy yet again. SO, after much thought & prayer, she didn’t. It was HARD, but it was RIGHT.

This boy, as a result, now has FOUR parents & four sets of grandparents & a brother who does not live with him, along with aunts & uncles & cousins. This boy is SO LOVED by SO MANY & he may not even realize the magnitude of this yet. . . But, he will one day.

This boy is twelve-years old, as of tomorrow, February 1. He is turning into quite the young man: intelligent AND handsome. His mother is SO proud of him. I know this. . .

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I know this because I am this boy’s mother. He is SO much like me, yet so different. He is an amazingly awesome young man & I couldn’t be more proud. . .

Happy 12th Birthday, my David.Reta Jayne

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