For the LOVE of All Things Good: STOP Messaging Me!


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Y’all, we seriously need to get a few things straight. I know I am not the only one who is irritated by the bombardment of their social media inboxes by new “friends.” Y’all, stop messaging me!

It’d be one thing if they were asking questions to get to know me or seemed genuinely elated at the prospect of a budding new friendship. BUT, nine times out of ten lately, these messages are to peddle their wares! They just want to get into my pockets or purse or wallet. It’s infuriating on SO MANY LEVELS. So, for the LOVE of all things good: STOP messaging me!

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You know it’s “really random,” but you thought you’d take a chance & ask?

Honey, there ain’t NOTHIN’ “random” about getting the SAME message from 50+ different people! Your message has obviously been copied & pasted through some training your clueless upline did — MAYBE (BIG maybe!) tweaked ever so slightly — then blasted into Lord-knows-how-many email inboxes!

You basically loaded up your crossbow & started shooting arrows randomly into the dark hoping some would stick. I guess you could call that “taking a chance,” but you’re supposedly running a BUSINESS. An actual STRATEGY would be a better thing in which to focus your energy. Stop messaging me!

It will only take 30 seconds?

You want me to copy & paste a message YOU created & post it on MY Facebook wall? That would only take 30 seconds. Maybe less. But, the problem is that YOU probably didn’t create that message — just like you probably didn’t even create THIS message — the one you just sent asking me to copy & paste this rubbish in the first place!

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Do you really think I have that little integrity?!?!

By asking me to recommend something I’ve never tried, have NO interest in trying, & might be utter crap to MY friends & family, you’re demonstrating how little regard you have for ME as a person. No respect AT ALL.

Have you heard of “Facebook Jail”?

To take it a step further, you’re jeopardizing my ability to continue my REAL relationships on the social media platform we’re engaged on. When Facebook, for example, notices the SAME thing being posted in MULTIPLE different places, it flags it as SPAM. Then, the accounts posting that spam get banned (at least for a period of time) from being able to post anything else. At all. Yep. The infamous “Facebook Jail.” No thank you. I’d like to stay out of there. I don’t need your bad influences getting in the way. Stop messaging me!

It’ll really help YOU out?

There is NO reputable business that can go to their customers & ask them to buy something to “help them out.” Instead, please stop & learn about a few marketing strategies. What’s in it for your customers? Why should THEY buy from you? What’s the benefit to them? What problem can you solve for them? Until you can answer that for me, stop messaging me!

I can get the challenge products at a discount?

Oh, honey. Don’t lead with this! A discount is nice & all. But, did I ever say I even WANT what you have? (Nope. I didn’t. You forced your way into my inbox, remember?) Get to know me. You cannot possibly know if I even want what you’re offering if you don’t know who I am & which problems I want to solve in my life in the first place. You’re approaching things all wrong. So, just stop messaging me!

There’s ONE thing you could do to make me cease saying, “Stop messaging me!”

Entice me to sign up for you to be in my inbox on a regular basis. Key words: “entice” & “sign up”.

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Study marketing!

Whether you call what you do “direct sales” or “multi-level marketing” (MLM) or “network marketing,” the fact of the matter is that MARKETING is necessary to be successful at ANY of them. Today, they’re practically the same.

What you’re doing is giving the entire industry its BAD NAME.

Here’s the thing: I run a home-based business & part of that business is solidly in the direct sales/MLM/network marketing world too. Do NOT think I am throwing shade at your industry or your company. However, there is a BETTER way to do business!

You need to actually take the time to LEARN.

Quit being lazy. Stop taking what your probably well-meaning, but obviously oblivious upline is telling you as FACT & start thinking for yourself. Stop messaging me! Research. Act like a REAL business owner — because you are.

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