Feeling Unworthy or Undeserving? Read this.


Are you feeling unworthy or undeserving? Like the good things in your life are fluke? You don’t deserve that loving husband or the award at work or WHATEVER it is that is GOOD that has been bestowed upon you? Maybe it is a slew of compliments about something you’ve done or how you look? No matter what it is that you feel you do not deserve, this is for you… Deserving. Why is it...

An Open Letter to Direct Sales Friends


I have been in your shoes. For many of you, in fact, I can honestly say I am currently walking a very similar path! But, direct sales friends, here’s the deal: we can do better! I get it. Direct sales is HARD. It takes strength & courage we didn’t even know we had & requires us to learn & grow. We set ourselves up for rejection & perceived failure every single day! I...

Top 10 Reasons I Switched from LuLaRoe to Sweet Minerals


I know I recently shared the reason why I left LuLaRoe in the first place. But, the reasons I left LuLaRoe aren’t ALL the reasons I made the switch from LuLaRoe to Sweet Minerals. I am content & thoroughly EXCITED with my journey with Sweet Minerals thus far… But what helped me make that transition? Why did I make the switch in the first place?

Why I Left LuLaRoe


When I joined the ranks of other LuLaRoe retailers, I was so stinkin’ EXCITED! I had several tear-filled conversations with my husband about WHY the huge investment would be so worth it, how I could make it work without taking over our family — & WHY I just NEEDED to do it. But, now, to be explaining why I left LuLaRoe? Little did I know that just over a year after launching, I...

How to Achieve a Flawless Face


We’ve all seen the movies where the girl rolls over in bed &, somehow, has this flawless, fresh, seemingly makeup-free face & kisses her man who doesn’t wince from her morning breath. If only, right? 😉 Well, I am not about to sit here & try to tell you that can be YOUR reality… BUT, I am going to tell you about how to have a flawless face that is QUICK to achieve...

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