The Ripple Effects of Self-Care


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It’s been a while… I feel like I never have time.. But, really, it is that I set my expectations for each post higher than it needs to be… I’ll be honest: I write with an audience in mind, sure… My audience is mostly friends & family who like to get updates, with some blogging friends I have made along the way… & there’s an intended audience of those random people out there who just happen to go through similar things as me, who I hope to give hope or insight or just let them know they’re not alone… But, in the end, I write for ME. I write because I feel better when I do… & because it is fun… & because I enjoy the connection & the release… It helps me calm the chaos of my mind. (Thankful #1)

So, with all of that said, I figured I’d sit & write whatever flows out of my head today… & why not make it part of two of my favorite blog hops: Ten Things of Thankful & Finish the Sentence Friday? 😉 I have much for which to be thankful, after all, & all of these things have a ripple effect, flowing into other parts of my life & affecting those I love.

I finished last semester of college with an okay GPA, but I failed one of my four classes. :/ That hit me pretty hard, considering the 4.0 overall GPA I had prior to that… BUT, I have come to terms with it… (Thankful #2) Frankly, I am still damn proud. I managed to pass three classes, maintain an overall honor student status, AND I had a beautiful baby girl during that semester! (Thankful #3) I’d say I am doing okay.

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My eleven-year-old son has been down visiting for the past several weeks & I am so blessed to get this time with him. He is such a helper when he is here & it is so rewarding to see him interact with his sister. (Thankful #4) He leaves to head back to Washington State on Wednesday. I will miss him dearly. BUT, I have to admit, it will be nice to not have to worry about the modesty of having an eleven-year-old boy around the house! (Hello, underclothes! Haha.) (Thankful #5)

20160715_092305 (1)

Speaking of clothes: A couple of months ago, I was introduced to a company called LuLaRoe. (Thankful #6) I ordered a couple of pairs of leggings & a top from a consultant during an online pop-up boutique hosted by a fellow February mama friend of mine. I figured it couldn’t hurt… I had been in such a clothing rut — & an overall self-esteem rut… I spent more days in my pajamas than not… &, while there isn’t anything wrong with that from time to time, I do not have the personality type for that to be okay. It is a sign that I am hurting, that my head isn’t in the right place. Those couple of pairs of leggings & top turned into pretty much a new wardrobe! Ouch for the budget, but hooray for the self-esteem! I actually take selfies! I can’t remember my last pajama day, yet I am comfortable… It’s a beautiful thing. I am considering starting a business selling the stuff, even. It’s a big decision, though, so I am talking it over with the handsome husband. We will see.


College classes start back up in just over four weeks. I called my college to find out about a comfortable & at least semi-private place to pump while I am on campus (two days per week) since I will still be breastfeeding our beautiful daughter. I was delighted to find out they have a lactation room! (Thankful #7) The woman who runs it is currently on vacation, but I now have her name & call back number to be able to arrange to reserve the space & time I need for fall semester. I am SO pleased this kind of thing exists! It makes being a mom & student a little easier.

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I started seeing both a psychiatrist & a psychologist back in February, just after our beautiful daughter was born. I think it has been a good call. (Thankful #8) The psychiatrist has helped me make sure I am physically okay… My Vitamin D levels were severely low, so I started that & there is a certain type of Vitamin B that is a mood stabilizer & safe (if not beneficial) to take while breastfeeding, so she has started me on those.

The psychologist is great for talk therapy. I started out seeing her once per week & have now moved to every other week. I don’t think I would see either of them if I didn’t see a noticeable difference in my day-to-day — & if the handsome husband didn’t say so too. So I am glad it all seems to be helping — & without any real medication (except the vitamin supplements)! (Thankful #9)

This is all particularly important because I was also, around the same time, officially diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder. It isn’t quite what the mainstream thinks of when they hear “bipolar,” but it is still important. I am sure I will talk more about the specifics of what it means another time, BUT, in a nutshell, for now, just know it is good to have an answer… & it explains why “depression” medication & treatments haven’t worked for me in the past… (Thankful #10) They are related, but they are not the same.

Here’s to progress… & self-care. I am learning to care for myself better — & that helps me care for those I love better too… & that is beautiful.

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What have you been doing to take better care of yourself?

 Reta Jayne

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  • Ok first, HUGE congratulations on your new baby girl!! She’s precious. Second, only failing one class the semester you gave birth? Seriously amazing. I love your new outfits too and am so glad that you’ve found some answers regarding your mental health and are feeling better. Glad you linked up to both 🙂

  • Oh my dear that makes my heart happy to hear. I know that is something you have struggled with for quite some time.

    In regards to school, you are rocking it. One class is not the end of the world especially having a brand new baby in the mix.

    Please keep writing. You write so eloquently.

  • That is such a basic truth—you can’t continually pour out of a bucket that you never refill. I don’t know why it took me so long to learn that. And at 55 I still am fairly stinky at putting it into practice. May you do better than I!

  • Heyyyyyy look at your little girl! She’s adorable, and HOORAY for you all for having her and making you a one-larger family. Your son looks so comfortable with her – lovely that he’s been able to come and spend time bonding.

    It sounds like you’ve done really well at college and have plans in place for doing really well again, going back. The supplements and psychological help (and, HELLO, diagnosis! Awesome) should really help as well – it’s always better to know what you’re dealing with, and I’m so glad you have answers 🙂

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