These are NOT Dark Times (TToT #9)


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I know I write about things that are sad or depressing. . . Probably more often than I’d like. It is a good outlet, though, to be able to write about it. Some things really shouldn’t take up space in your head for too terribly long; it’s just not healthy. Blogging helps me get my thoughts in order & purge my brain of things that maybe shouldn’t dwell there forever. (Thankful #1) It’s a beautiful thing.

With that said, I want to put some clarification out into the blogosphere, (see, now, Lizzi? This word has caught on with me, apparently. Consider it stolen!). . .

These are NOT Dark Times
Even if things aren’t quite all glitter & rainbows. . . (Image from

Things, lately, might not be all glitter & rainbows (although, I am not all that fond of glitter — I call it ravers’ scabies — but, I think you get my point!), BUT, I do not believe myself to be in hard times. I just don’t. (Thankful #2) YES, it is hard being away from my closest friends & family, in a state that I am learning to love like. We have a vehicle that is on its last leg — & it is our only vehicle. I am housewife, even though I despise most things domestic (& am no good at it either!). The handsome husband is stuck on a graveyard shift at a job that, in my opinion, has not turned out to be what we originally signed on for. . . Seriously. I could go on. . . There’s plenty more. . . But, this isn’t a bitch-&-moan kind of post. . . &, frankly, I don’t want to dwell on all of that crap today.

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The fact of the matter is that our time in Arizona is temporary. Washington State is home & we will go back eventually. (Thankful #3) We will figure out our vehicle situation somehow because we always do figure things out — together. (Thankful #4) Being a housewife is part of the kick in the ass I needed to enroll in college after saying for years that I wanted to. (Thankful #5) If it weren’t for it making complete sense for me to leave the workforce to move for the handsome husband’s job, I wouldn’t be in this situation. SO, I am getting my degree so that, (hopefully) if we are ever in a situation like this again, I won’t be the one who needs to be all domestic. 😉 And, we have a plan to remedy the handsome husband’s job situation. (Thankful #6) All we need is time & each other. That is how I see it.

I know what dark times really look like. (Thankful #7) (I touch on it in my last post, if you’re curious.) These are not dark times. It’s quite the opposite, actually. . . Overall, I am about the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. (Thankful #8) This is largely because I know myself better than I ever have before (Thankful #9) & because I have an extremely supportive, loving, hard-working, protective, & handsome husband that I sincerely believe God had to have made with me in mind. (Thankful #10)

There’s a lot to be thankful for. I see it everywhere — & that is something else to be thankful for! (Bonus Thankful? 😉)

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On an only slightly related note (in the interest of getting this thought out of my head), I have JOKINGLY said that my life has been so eventful, I could almost write a novel about it. . . Well, what if I wasn’t really joking any more? And what if there wasn’t an “almost” about writing that novel? What if — hypothetically, of course — I took the events of my life, put a fictional spin on them, & turned it all into a novel (or two or three)? I have no delusions about becoming rich or famous by doing this, mind you. But it’d be fun if someone actually read them. . . Is that a crazy thought? Probably so. . .

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