Trick or Treat? An Online Scavenger Hunt!!


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Today we’re doing a scavenger hunt all over the Confidence & Chaos InterWebs!!

PRIZES are on the line!! They get BIGGER & BETTER the more participation we get, so invite your friends!! ?

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?️ What’s an activity you LOVE so much, you could totally lose track of time doing it?? Tell us in the comments below this blog article.

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?️ There’s no SNAIL sludge involved to deliver your next clue! All you have to do is make sure you’re on the list. 😉

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Here is how our scavenger hunt will work:

?️ Each clue will give you THREE (3) things: 1) a hint where the next clue will pop up, 2) give you a quick (30 seconds or less) task to complete, & 3) a letter of the alphabet.

?️ You will comment on each clue showing you have done the task indicated.

?️ You will note the letter given.

?️ At the end, you will unscramble the letters to create a word. (You will be told where & how to submit that word to be entered for a prize!!!)

THE PRIZE DRAWING WILL NOT BE UNTIL MONDAY NOVEMBER 4. So, please enjoy your family today. The intent is that you will pop in as your day allows. ?

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?? Oh! And, Calculated Chaos Community members got an EXTRA clue this morning! SO, if you want in on that, be sure to join us over there! 😉

Happy Halloween!! ??️

Reta Jayne

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