Which Skin Care is Right for YOU?


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Let’s face it! Sometimes, it is nice to be pointed in the right direction when it comes to how to care for our skin; am I right? Figuring out which skin care is right for your routine is such a crucial part of our overall health & confidence — which is what we’re all about here!

SO, refer back here when ever you need some suggestions.

Take this quiz to discover which skin care is right for you as many times as you’d like.

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Before we begin, let's make sure you can get your results at the end! Please pop your information in here. Don't worry! We're not spammy.

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Use your results in full or pick & choose which items you want to try first! HAVE FUN WITH IT! And, of course, don’t be bashful if you want some help deciding which skin care items are most appropriate for your current situation. Private message, email, or text message 509-289-2499 (text “JOIN” to subscribe so I can respond to your inquiries quickly!).

Then, when you’re done figuring out which skin care needs are most pertinent, pop over to figure out which of our foundation shades is right for you! Remember, mineral foundation is a natural form of sun protection, so it is the final step in caring for your skin! 😉

DISCLAIMER: If another Sweet Minerals Educator has sent you here for any reason, please refer back to HER with your questions! Reta Jayne will ALWAYS love to help you! But it will NEVER be her intention to step on anyone else’s toes! She is entrusting YOU to make that call. <3

Reta Jayne

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