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I hope it isn’t too awkward if I come right out of the gate & get totally real with y’all here. Why Sweet Minerals? Let’s really lay the scene for a moment, okay?

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I do not consider myself a “glam girl.”

I have never been overtly into makeup or “girly” things.

I am a major introvert.

I get anxious even thinking about large groups of people or having to meet someone new.

I am blessed to be home with my three-and-a-half year old daughter.

And my grandmother lives with us. She was diagnosed with incurable, inoperable lung cancer back in December so I consider her well-being part of my responsibility these days too.

I think my favorite place to be is in my favorite chair in my living room in my own home.

By myself. That’s blissful to me!

To top ALL of this off, I have bipolar disorder.

It’s not a big revelation; it’s simply a fact. So, I have a considerable number of days when depression hits so hard that even getting out of bed is a chore, much less actually showering & dressing & looking “pretty.”

So, if you were to take ALL of these things & stack them up alongside the housework & the trying to run a home business too? Some people would think it’s a tall order or highly unlikely. So, why Sweet Minerals?!

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I am here to tell you that’s all a bunch of balogna!

It’s my “unlikely” background for a direct sales home-based business that makes Sweet Minerals such a perfect fit for me!

The makeup comes with instructions & is super easy to use.

Plus the community of women who also use it & sell it? Ladies! It’s a sisterhood that has so many more benefits than getting makeup tips. I am not exaggerating.

Why Sweet Minerals? This introvert can be true to herself.

I walked into our Sweet Retreat having met NO ONE in person & didn’t have a panic attack. Our online interaction & support made me feel like I knew every single lady there. And the way they welcomed me was as if we’d known each other forever! When you start a Sweet Minerals business, you’re also joining a family.

Even more so, Sweet Minerals doesn’t have pages upon pages of policies & procedures to decipher like many other direct sales companies do. This means I can really think like an entrepreneur.

If I don’t want to hold parties & feel like I am spamming my friends & family, I don’t have to!

I can still be successful. Why? Because I am not boxed into a corner HAVING to do things the way corporate dictates — or else. I get to do my OWN research on marketing. I can hold true to my personal philosophy on how to do business & I can leave the cold messaging & party plan stuff to the people who want to do that.

I don’t feel like I have to be “ON” all the time or pretend I am not who I really am.

If I am having a bad day, my business doesn’t have to suffer. My strength is NOT in going live on Facebook or Instagram every day. For some women, that brings them tremendous success! And if that was my personality & fit my lifestyle, I just might go that route! BUT, my strength is in writing & storytelling & appealing to emotions. It would be inauthentic at this stage in my life to be doing that.

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So, I have learned the key to success is to find ways for my business to fit my life, NOT the other way around.

Because of how Sweet Minerals is set up & the freedom they give us in running our business, I am able to do that! I blog. I pre-record videos for YouTube. I go live in my FB community or on my FB business page on my “good” days. I share in my FB community about my bad days so other women can commiserate & connect — because don’t we all have them?!

And I share, share, share my entire journey & excitement about this opportunity that Sweet Minerals affords us!

It’s unique. How often do you get a product that is PHENOMENAL paired with a community of women, led by founders who walk the walk & don’t just talk the talk… AND get the freedom to take this practically ready-made business model & turn it into a business that will work FOR YOU, withOUT the restrictions of HAVING to box yourself into doing ONLY the activities that are dictated for you?

I think you know my answer to that question… & THAT’S why Sweet Minerals… There’s nothing else like it.

Want to continue this conversation?

I’d love to! Email me at [email protected] or shoot me a private message. You can also join me & a bunch of other women over in the Calculated Chaos Community where we are all about empowerment, confidence-boosts, & judgement-free sharing & commiseration. We’d LOVE to have you!

And, of course, if you’re looking for a “direct sales home,” talk to me about NoFilter Global. Just contact me via the methods above. We have a community like no other, the Sweet Minerals compensation plan is phenomenal, & we put a lot of thought into our training — both through the company & within my team & upline.

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