April 3, 2014

Will Pigs Actually Fly?

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Recently, I had a falling out (of sorts) with someone I deeply care about. . .  Things are strained between us — & that’s putting it mildly. The other party has recently eased into small interactions. . . But I just cannot let things go so easily this time. I really feel that an acknowledgement of what has transpired is more than reasonable to expect — as is an apology. Unfortunately, I think pigs will fly before the apology comes, but that’s not to say that I think an acknowledgement will come either — at least not without finger-pointing, rather than personal responsibility. That’s the sad part.

The handsome husband, I think, is more pissed off about this whole situation than I am — & I am pretty pissed! He saw me cry about this altercation. . . And, there’s not much more that’ll get him worked up than my tears, (especially when he didn’t have some kind of control where they’re concerned). . . I feel as if this other party is forcing me to choose between them & the handsome husband. . . This is preposterous! I am highly offended; obviously!

One of my confidants has expressed the opinion, flat-out, that this is an unfair position that this person has put me in. What a crappy thing to do! (There were a few other choice words that I got a chuckle out of, but I won’t share, if for no other reason than it would give this person’s identity away to those that know us personally!)  My brain keeps telling me to hold my ground — as does another confidant, along with the handsome husband. But, I do miss this person — at least I miss this person when they’re being sincere, open-minded, loving, & supportive, rather than the closed-minded, self-serving, attention-hoarding version of themselves that so many have grown to know under the ruse of being a “positive” person who has overcome so many obstacles. . .

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I am frustrated beyond measure! Normally I would tackle the problem head-on & if that didn’t work, I would leave it in my dust. . . I don’t feel I can do either in this particular case. SO, I am doing my best to ignore the situation (& in turn, this particular person) but it cannot go on like this forever. . . It is just a matter of time before I either completely cave or this person pisses me off to a point that’s irreparable. . . Because, like I said, I just don’t see any personal responsibility taking place, much less a — GASP! — apology. . . One can dream. . . OR, pigs could fly.Reta Jayne

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